Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your embroidered emblems made?

Action Embroidery Corp has two manufacturing facilities in the USA. Our Corporate Headquarters and West Coast Manufacturing is done in Ontario, CA and our East Coast operation is located outside of Miami in Opa Locka, FL.

How do we know your items are manufactured to military specifications?

Action Embroidery Corp. has been producing embroidered insignia for the United States Armed Forces since 1943. We possess Hallmark A25 from The Institute of Heraldry, the branch of the Army that oversees production of Shoulder Sleeve Insignia. All of our military insignia are manufactured in the United States and made in accordance with all applicable specifications. Prior to being able to sell any item we must manufacture the item as per the government specifications and send it in for approval to the Institute of Heraldry. Once approved we can then sell to units or other military entities.

Can you make up artwork for us if we have a concept?

Yes we can. Our staff of talented artist end digitizers can take your rough concept and turn it into an expertly crafted embroidered emblem. Please submit your artwork on our request page and we will have information back to you within 2 days or sooner.

What determines the price of the emblem?

There are various factors that determine the price of an emblem. First is the size of the item. Next is the amount of embroidery. 100% embroidery means that there is no material showing through on any part of the emblems. Another factor is the number of colors that are in the emblem. The intricacy of the shape is another determining factor. Simple shapes, such as circles, rectangles, etc are less expensive than others. The type of backing will also factor into the cost. Standard backing is a non woven pellon backing. Additional costs will be incurred for a heat seal backing, pressure sensitive backing or a backing with hook.

Do you take credit cards for purchases?

Yes we do. We take Visa and Mastercard, as well as the Government IMPAC card. For your safety and privacy we do not keep your credit card information on file or in files. It is destroyed after approved and the funds received. Therefore that is why we must ask you for your information each time. It is for your safety and security.

How long will it take to make my emblems?

Action takes pride in its ability to provide you with embroidered emblems in a very short period of time. While we would like to get 2 – 3 weeks leadtime for your orders, we can turn product around in a few days if needed. We are here to serve our customers and constantly strive to get product delivered sooner than anticipated.